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Speedlight School – ‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ Speedlight Workshop

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Dates For 2024 To Be Announced.

‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ Speedlight Photography Demystified

Understand and be inspired by your Speedlights/Speedlites.

About This Course:

This ‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ workshop can simply take years off your flash photography learning curve.

It has already helped countless photographers of all levels over many years, and is always updated to keep it current.

A superb foundation course for using flash. It draws on Johns hard to match professional experience of shooting with it.

Plus his highly respected technical background and ways of explaining things.

‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ is packed full of clear step-by-step guidance for the beginner to the pro.

With practical aspects to confirm the concepts and have some fun.

It is suitable for all levels of photography skill, using any camera and flash system.

It’s content will help inspire flash shooting across numerous types of subject, indoors and out.

  • An overview of flash and how it works.
  • Understanding your flash unit’s controls and information displays.
  • Understanding your options with camera exposure modes and other camera settings combined with flash.
  • Flash unit exposure modes – what they can and can’t do.
  • Getting the best ‘in hotshoe’ results.
  • Working with flash inside & out.
  • Understanding & using fill-in flash.
  • Demonstration of lighting quality, and how to control it.
  • Real-world guidance and demonstration of practical lighting solutions for common situations.
  • Wireless off camera flash shooting – shaping your light and subjects.
  • Useful third-party light shaping tools.
  • Q & A throughout.
  • Course Notes Supplied.

N.B. Please bring your camera, flash and a lens (around 85mm on full frame), plus plenty of storage space as this day has practical shooting components to help cement it’s content.

Your Host Photographer

A working professional photographer, with many decades of real world experience to draw upon, John’s client list includes the corporate world to the Great British Public, Photographing  across various genres of people and commercial photography.

With respected technical expertise alongside, John was also Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor of Photography’ for a number of years, and continues to work with a number of imaging and lighting companies as a consultant, ambassador and educator, sharing his skills.

Author of over a dozen books, he also had ‘technical consultant/contributor’ roles on many photography magazines in the UK previously. 

A sought after presenter, John’s workshops and seminars excite and inspire, due to his concise, but often highlighted amenable style. 

His events demystify the technical and inspire the creative aspects. Drawing on his combined experiences, from his extensive technical background, too creative eye-catching photography, helping others along their journey from the beginner too the enthusiast and pro photographer. 

What people have said about this course…

I found the course outstanding and got all I wanted to out of it and more!

Jackie Eke

The course was OUTSTANDING. John Clements is a trainer of great skill and understanding

Richard Spencer

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a huge amount, so thanks again

B Rossen

I feel compelled to say that in terms of the course it was quite simply the best money I have spent on photography. I was at an event yesterday where I had to use flash and I got results I could not have dreamt about before the workshop. More importantly I was using flash knowing what I was doing and being able to quickly adjust settings as required. This is a step change for me

David Jackson

I would like to add that I have attended a few day courses of this nature in the past, but yours certainly stands as one of the most memorable in the best way possible. You are an excellent communicator, having a relaxed style who provided enough information without a excess of irrelevant detail. This combined with the practical experiences of ‘giving it a go’ was just perfect. I will certainly look forward to joining you on another course (or two) in the future

P Hendy

I attended the course (Flashes of Inspiration) today.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  John puts everyone at ease and provides friendly, helpful advice which has truly helped me to go away with some questions answered

Steve Nash

Thanks for the course notes. It was great to meet you, and a very informative day. Definitely will attend one of your workshops again

T Mills

Brilliant* flash course w @gophototraining training today with john clements. Suddenly a huge amount of stuff makes sense. thank you john!

M Saxl Photography

Absolutely fantastic study day

Louise McDermot

Loved the practical side. A course that put things into perspective

Dipak Thanki

Loved John Clements, he is just brilliant. Course was very informative. Overall, a great day

N Kapour

Excellent course. John’s Enthusiasm and cheerfulness was contagious and well worth the time coming. I learn’t a lot

Stephen Clark

Superb course excellent value. Trainer coped with multiple simultaneous questions, even during practical demonstrations and with mixed abilities. Engaging, lively, useful.

Matt Pannell

Trainer good. Did not make us feel dim! Very relaxed, which made it easier

Cath Cooper

Excellent introduction to Speedlights. Brilliant presenter. Will come again

Paul Wynn

I am writing to let you have some feedback on the first training course I have attended at Calumet. I have attended courses by John Clements before and again he provided an expert presentation and workshop session. John is a brilliant presenter and his knowledge is second to none. His presentations are always well paced and he manages to field all questions with authority

Nigel Goddard