About John Clements…

Welcome to gophototraining, supporting my photography workshops and events around the UK.

You may not know me, but with a real world photography experience approaching four decades, I have accumulated skills as a professional photographer, technical imaging consultant, and long term workshop leader. My events share that, and I hope to inspire people and shorten their learning curve, having fun as we go.

Throughout my career, I have also presented events and taught photography on behalf of some big names in camera and lighting manufacture. Helping users get the best from a particular brands products. My own events cater for the beginner, enthusiast and pro photographer. All wrapped up in fun and an often praised experience.
And thank you for the amazing feedback we have had, not just about the content, but the style and our personality. And we do find people come back year on year.

Many thousands have kindly been on our courses over the decades now, so I guess there must be something to that. If you are kind enough to join us at an event, I look forward to sharing my experience and enthusiasm.

My Photography… I remain a professional photographer. Mostly people, but not exclusively. In fact I have tackled quite a range of subject matter over the decades, taking me to countless studio’s, company locations, Ambassador’s residences, and historic venues. Freezing cold beaches, into peoples homes and more. I have photographed the well known, royalty, actors, politicians and other recognisable people over the years. And of course, the Great British public. From portraits to weddings and business images. Then the fashion stuff, and diverse subjects such as scene of crime imagery, photographing laser beams and commercial photography. It has been an interesting mix to say the least. And I am particularly proud that my images have been published around the world, in both print and electronic form. As well as hanging in business and peoples residences.

Technical Skills… My ‘technical’ background in photography has enabled me to work for, and with, some of the worlds leading imaging companies as an Ambassador, Evangelist and to use the horrible modern term ‘Influencer’. These have included among others, Nikon, Profoto, Adobe, Olympus and Hasselblad. I started with film of course, but became involved with digital imaging alongside in 1988, so early in the scheme of things. For a number of years I worked for Nikon Corporation as the ‘UK Advisor Of Photography’. 
 An amazing role. Apart from the more conventional types of photography I helped with numerous MOD and Police force requirements, scientists, dentist and those working with priceless artefacts in museums to name a few more specialist uses. I also advised on such things as infra-red and ultra-violet photography.

My Writing.. I have also been flattered that book and magazine publishers asked me over the years to pen a few words. Over a dozen books, in the days before self publishing, were produced and sold around the world. From equipment guides to specific ‘genre’ titles and digital manipulation techniques.

Likewise, for over a decade, alongside my day job as a photographer, I wrote regularly as a ‘freelance’ about photography for the photo press in may UK magazines…

Digital Photo Pro (Technical Editor). Practical Photography (Technical Consultant). British Journal Of Photography (Technical Contributor). Amateur Photographer (Columnist). Which Camera (Technical Editor). Mac User (Contributor). PC Pro (Contributor). Nikon Pro (Contributor). Nikon User Magazine (Technical Editor).

I hope we may see you on an event in the UK, but even if not, my best wishes and good photography. John.