About John Clements…

Welcome to gophototraining, supporting my UK photography events.

I have been in the real world of photography full time for over four decades, and accumulated skills as a professional photographer, technical consultant, and long term workshop leader. My events draw on this real world experience as I aim to inspire people and shorten their learning curve. But in a logical and fun way.

I have also presented throughout my career events and taught photography, on behalf of some big names in camera and lighting manufacture. Helping users get the best from a particular brands products.

My events therefore cater for the beginner, enthusiast and pro photographer. All wrapped up in an often praised experience. And thank you for the amazing feedback we get, not just about the content, but the style and our personality.

I am also flattered that many who now teach for camera manufacturers, or through formal education means, have also been on my courses. Alongside those who work in the wider photographic industry and fellow professional photographers, who just want a refresh, or add to an existing skill set when I may have acquired knowledge.

And we find people come back year on year. Many thousands have kindly been on our courses over the decades now, so I guess there must be something to that.

If you are kind enough to join us at an event, I look forward to sharing some knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

But even if not, my very best wishes and good photography.