Physically the D800 models are slightly lighter than the D700, not a lot, but it all helps when you carry a decent sized system.

Image © Nikon Corporation


I think as well, the dual storage slot will be most welcome, even more so as both CF and SD cards (one of each), will quite possibly already be in the kit bag with other cameras.

I certainly am pleased. But of course you could not rule out a variant at some stage taking the new XQD cards as in the D4.

Following up from a previous post, where we pointed out the image potential and also potential problems, you can say that this is not a sports or press camera first and foremost. This can be witnessed by the maximum firing rate of 4 fps.

One big move forward (personal opinion), over the D700 is the approximate 100% viewfinder coverage. I use both this method and the rear LCD depending on the job at hand and its circumstance, but the viewfinder on a pro camera surely should be this?

Nikon do make great viewfinders after all. Those of us who have shot with Nikon’s over the decades, will remember when the High Eye Point design we today take for granted was introduced on the Nikon F3HP. It caused quite a stir.

And while on the subject of the D700, it seems to me as if the D800 is not a replacement, but a new class of camera.

By that I mean that keeping the D700 in the line-up with a price adjustment would also make some sense. After all, it’s D3 sensor and high ISO performance are respected. For now at least, the D700 remains available.

Image © Nikon Corporation

Those wanting a bigger camera, and more stable hand held portrait format shooting, will need the new MB-D12. Among other benefits are that it will enable the camera in an emergency to be powered by AA sized cells. It is also possible to reach up to 6 frames per second with the MB-D12 fitted.

Strangely, as it is a feature I probably use once in a blue moon, I like the bracketing button position on the top plate. Got used to it on the D200 (cameras back), and prefer too use Function buttons for other things rather than access this feature, as it does on many other Nikon bodies.

Overall the D800 models handle well, but regular use of course is the only way to tell. More soon.

 End. (17/02/12).