Talking in more specific terms and uses than my previous posts, the D7100 does have what on paper looks like the best DX potential yet for wildlife and some sports shooting as examples of where it takes the format on.

Resolution being so high, means that even with the 1.3x crop option, it still holds a 15mp+ resolution. Allie that to the 51 AF point detection system that now covers an extremely large area of the frame and it offers some really interesting potential for many situations. And when you consider the AF system as with for example the D4, operates with lenses having a maximum aperture of f/8 or faster, and down to -2EV you can see just how impressive the D7100 sounds for it’s price point.

It is even be worth some FX format shooters for the above types of of photography using a D7100 body for the same reasons, plus of course it reduces the carrying weight of a second FX body.

And even general day to day pictures, family occasions seem to have better potential with the AF system in this camera with or without the crop than any DX model before. You know, the more I consider the spec of this camera the more impressive it seems with its ‘FX’ menu options and in theory at least, excellent DX imaging potential for many kinds of photography.

And of course it taps into the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) which is one of my areas of expertise, so can recommend it for anyone wishing to create and control not just good quality ‘snaps’ but more advanced flash pictures also.

D7100_SB700_SK7_WR1That said, I still could see at some stage a D300s replacement upstaging it, if Nikon wish to take that option. But equally, would that be one too many as the allure of FX at that level would for many surely be just that for many? Time will tell of course.

Once we have had a chance to shoot a little with the D7100 in due course we will add some ‘first use’ comments.

End. (01/03/13).