Today is the anniversary, arguably of one of the most significant days in human history.

Eighty years ago, not far from these shores, D-Day was attempted and achieved at great cost too men and women from the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth free Europeans and our allies from the United States.

Those of us, who knew some of the participants of the day, or simply those who helped achieve this through the war effort at home, obviously think of them today, and others who gave us a chance to live in freedom. They are understandably first of foremost in our minds.

And of course photography played its role, not just in reconnaissance before during and after the invasion, but with those photographers embedded with various units.

And while of course we should be grateful for their bravery and the images captured for posterity. I can’t help but think that actually it was the pictures of loved ones fighting that had previously been taken, that must’ve been so precious to those at home awaiting news.

The lesson is I think… take the pictures, you never know when they will become a priceless memory.

Those who value freedom thank that amazing generation that did their duty and some.

Best wishes and good photography,

John (06/06/24).