Hasselblad have announced an significant update to their Phocus software.

I think that many have not realised just how capable this softtware can be. Mostly with Hassleblad Raw files of course, but it can also process Raw files from numerous brands.

This update also integrates the software for control of various Broncolor studio lighting options.

Here we go with the details:

Hasselblad announces Phocus 3.3 updates
– Now faster than ever thanks to extended GPU acceleration
Hasselblad is pleased to announce Phocus 3.3, the latest update for its rich image processing software Phocus.
Phocus already delivers a high-end quality RAW file processing, and thanks to extended GPU acceleration
based on Metal/OpenCL on Mac/PC, Phocus 3.3 is now faster than ever, allowing users to export images
quickly and easily, while offering a quicker viewing experience when zoomed to 100% and above.
In addition to the improved performance of Phocus 3.3, that seamlessly works with all Hasselblad cameras, the update

also includes integrated control of broncolor flash equipment, which are certain to be welcomed by Hasselblad users.

Improved performance
While the improved performance will be noticeable for all images, the Phocus 3.3 software really comes into its own
when processing images captured using higher ISO settings, helping to reduce the export time dramatically thanks to
GPU acceleration for noise reduction. Overall on a typical laptop configuration you can expect to see a 2-4x improvement

of export speeds and much better responsiveness when zooming the viewer to 100% and above.

Integrated control of broncolor flash equipment
Photographers using Wi-Fi-enabled broncolor flash equipment now have the ability to control their flash settings via
Phocus 3.3 with only the touch of the left or right cursor key. Whether it be adjusting the intensity of lamps (or a group
of lamps), triggering flash for test purposes or controlling the modelling lights, it couldn’t be easier for users to adjust
their flash settings based on their needs.

End. (25/09/17).