Over the years I have used many brands of connecting cables between cameras and computer, or computers and TV’s or projectors.

Always frustrating has been the relatively short time thet they last the pace. Maybe I am heavy handed or too clumsy?

But a few months ago i started to use Tether Tools cable products, can’t miss them bright orange in many instances. So far, doing well and they are also spoken highly of by others.

The company via the UK distributor has announced a new app initially to remote control Canon and Nikon cameras, with others promised to follow.

Here are the details so far:


NEW From TetherTools
Case Air Wireless Tethering System

TetherTools new Case Air Wireless Tethering System launched at Photokina. Available in early November.

Here are just some of the features:

Wireless tethering up to 150 feet
FREE App for phone, tablet or computer
Live view
Comprehensive camera control
Nikon & Canon compatible, other cameras to follow
Capture video
Bracketing & time-lapse
the size and weight of a key-fob
Only £178.80 inc Vat

End. (04/10/16).