On this amazingly useful ‘portable flash’ workshop, we unravel the beauty and benefits of off camera wireless flash photography.

As we go, we explain and explore a wide range of lighting techniques, plus the accompanying technical skills, that enable repeatable and enjoyable results to be achieved when photographing people with Speedlights/Speedlites.

We will use both the Nikon and Canon product lines throughout, alongside various third party tools.

It is ideal both for those who have attended our  ‘Nikon & Canon Flashes Of Inspiration’ entry level workshop or have similar skill levels.

Some key areas covered include:

  • Understanding off camera flash concepts and practical ‘real world’ solutions
  • Practical lighting arrangements for repeatability
  • Camera and flash settings for off camera flash use
  • A practical guide to using third party light shaping tools such as reflectors, umbrellas, soft-boxes and others for people photography
  • Remote control – third party useful tools
  • Working in and around a home, small studio/office environment or for those shooting ‘event’ photography on location
  • Solutions to common people lighting needs, such as photographing people wearing glasses, dealing with various body and face shapes
  • Throughout we maximise the ‘Portability & Flexibility’ of portable flash photography
  • Posing & composition tips
  • Numerous ‘genre’ styles including portraits (social and business), lighting for groups, lighting for fashion.Our next venues and dates for this course are: