My thanks to those who came to The Photography Show and saw one of my talks or live demonstrations across the four days.

Although I also use studio lighting and constant lighting options, Speedlights remain a significant tool across my photography. So working with Speedlights and Rogue accessory products, we showed how to create, high quality portraits and fashion style images.

Alongside, people seemed to enjoy and appreciate as they usually do, all of the general and background tips and tricks we share.

I enjoyed working with the importers of ‘Rogue’ Color Confidence, they let me do what I do best…. help people enjoy photography with the skills and experience accumulated over the decades.

My thanks also to our models Kyran and Francesca, could not have done this without you guys, so thank you.

Our Speedlights were used sometimes on TTL control, but mostly with automation turned off and manual output used. You simply have more control and finesse that way.

I shot with a Nikon D3x, still a fine professional camera with a good viewfinder, including the focusing screen. This was important as I also used a Zeiss Milvus 85mm F/1.4 lens. I shoot more shots in the course of the year with an 85mm focal length than any other.


This Zeiss optic is first class, possibly the best pound for pound high quality 85mm in my opinion (Nikon F and Canon EOS mounts). I have always rated Zeiss optics for their colour consistency, overall optical performance and build quality, even if lenses such as this are certainly not petite.

I particularly used it for it’s top class manual focus characteristics. It often strikes me that for all of the wonderful technology we have increasingly in cameras and lenses, many no longer have some of the traditional ‘craft’ skills such as an affinity for manual focus. And although top end AF lenses have got much better, mid range and entry level are poorly designed for manual focus if they allow that at all.

I can say with certainty, that for many shots, where the subject is not moving it offers precision with a lens like this and also something else… pleasure. You or I the photographer, are in control and the drivers, not the technology. Wonderful.

As for our Rogue accessories for those Speedlights, these may not look as exciting as soft boxes and other items you can use with portable flash. But, for those who wish to keep portability, ease of use, and still obtain studio like results, they are brilliant.

We utilised the ‘Flashbender’ products, plus honeycomb grids, in both the traditional black, or newer white versions.

Our Speedlights were also triggered with Pocket Wizard products as Color Confidence are the distributors in the UK for them. I also made use of a couple of Lastolite pop up backgrounds.

All in all, a fine four days, and my thanks again for all the kind comments.

End. (20/03/19).