In the last couple of days the passing of Terry oh Neil has been in the news.

It is sad I think that’s another of our famous photographers of the 1960s and later decades  is no longer with us. Along with other famous names from the period, Bailey, Donovan, Duffy, to name just some, it is appropriate that  he should be given that often overused and undeserved term of ‘Legendary’.

To have ones passing make the main news bulletins, and further afield says a lot in itself, although of course, younger generations of photographers may not quite be aware of his achievements or his work.
But to have photographed the famous during some fascinating decades of British history, leaves us with an importance historical record. Not to forget either those from around the world he also captured.

And although much was shot on Hasselblad film cameras, I was fortunate enough last year to be invited to the launch of a limited edition Leica, in collaboration with Terry O’Neill. Looking at him there I thought that was a wonderful gesture and acknowledgement by the camera manufacturer.

It is difficult to think what that generation of photographers do or would think about photography and photographers today. It is so easy after all for anyone even with the most basic grounds to propel themselves through social media onto a platform that can make them well known. But let’s see just how many go on to have decades worth of images and work as a testament of actually being a photographer?

Terry O’Neill.  30/07/1938/16/11/2019.
End. (18/11/19).