Our December 17th workshop has now sold out.

My thanks to those who have booked.

We will have an informative, rewarding and creative day shooting this classic genre.

A future date for London will be arranged, whilst this course comes to Manchester in early March 2017.

End. (05/12/16).

When: Saturday December 17th 2016.
Where: Calumet Drummond Street London.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.

As a follow on from our ‘Nikon & Canon Flashes Of Inspiration’ workshop, this next level event shares the skills of ‘art nude’ photography.

For the enthusiast to the pro, it is packed with really useful content, not just on lighting but the real world stuff, that also has to work well such as posing and post capture.

Shot to achieve high quality images befitting what the genre should be about, an inspiring day for those shooting with portable flash as their main lighting, but also outside on location working alongside daylight.

For more information and or to book please Click Here to go to our partners web site.

Some of the content covered: 

  • Off camera wireless flash control explained.
  • Working with flash and ambient light outside.
  • Working with flash and ambient light inside.
  • Sculpting your subject with or without light.
  • The right light shaping accessory for the effects desired.
  • Posing techniques.
  • Finding and using the right location.
  • Into post capture.
  • Practical sessions.