Benro products have been available in the UK for a little while now.

Today they are introducing a new Gimble head. Smooth fluid movements make such heads popular across image making, particularly with longer lenses.

Here we go with the official details:

Benro has added a brand new gimble head to its range – the new GH5C – that weighs in at just 1.1kg and can support a mighty 30kg load capacity.

Manufactured in full carbon fibre, the Benro GH5C not only aesthetically beautiful but is the ideal tool for photographers using long and heavy lenses, and is particularly suited to wildlife and sports photographers, shooting on both DSLR and mirrorless systems.

Featuring an Arca-compatible quick release plate for quick, easy and secure camera attachment – the head achieves a feeling of virtual ‘weightlessness’ even when using the longest, heaviest lenses. Balancing the camera and lens perfectly, the precision engineered GH5C ensures the heaviest cameras and longest lenses pan and tilt smoothly with the force of just one finger. When the desired position is found, the gimble will stay put when pressure is removed.

The black anodised aluminium plate (PL100LW) has been machined to reduce weight as much as possible, without any compromise in performance.

With both vertical and panoramic scales, the Benro GH5C makes it easy to achieve precision composition and placement, with repeatable movement.

Price & Specification:

Benro GH5C gimble head
* Material – carbon fibre
* Weight 1.1kg
* Dimensions 255 x 100 x 245mm
* Weight Capacity 30kg
* 1⁄4”-20 head mounting screws
* Base mount thread size of 3⁄8”-16
* Price – UK SRP £440 (inc VAT)

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