I only learned today of the sad and untimely passing of Chris Cheesman.

Many will have read his news section in Amateur Photographer magazine, who he worked for twenty years or so.

I had not seen him much in the last few years, but during those I wrote articles for AP  I saw him regularly. Then through the following years at various product launches we were both invited to.

He was about to embark on his own freelance career, so that is doubly sad.

I cannot say I knew him well, but enough to realise he was a really nice guy, polite, respectful and professional. Refreshing in a time when many seem to be ‘legends in their own minds’.

Many, myself included, will miss bumping into him.

My condolences of course to his nearest and dearest, and his work friends current and previousl who will be effected by his passing.

End. (09/11/16).