Once a famous name on the front of cameras, the Rollei name is now used across many photographic products including a few options of LED lighting, including a series called Candela. (A logical name for a lighting line I thought).

Anyway, for stills and video you need to understand lighting to maximise what you can create, and have the tools to realise that knowledge. An optical attachment and shaping kit is now available for the Candela system.

This link takes you to the German site https://www.rollei.de/en

Best wishes and good photography.

John (18/04/24).

Rollei’s Candela LED continuous light series offers maximum flexibility in a compact design. The optical spotlight attachment for Candela 60/100 opens up new creative possibilities in photography and videography. With maximum compatibility with the 60 Bi-Color and 100 Bi-Color candela lights, it is an essential tool for users of these devices. The accessory set includes 29 stencils for versatile lighting effects, and the precise focusing of light results in images with deep contrast and clarity. A 15x increase in brightness is particularly beneficial in dimly lit situations or to accentuate fine details.