Profoto and Sony have announced announced the Air-TTL S.

This brings the same technology that Canon, then Nikon users have been enjoying to Sony, who’s cameras continue to grow in popularity. I know that those shooting flash will not be disappointed with the possibilities.

Sounds good to me. Here are the official details:

Profoto and Sony announce collaboration

September 19, 2016: Profoto and Sony announce collaboration.

Profoto and Sony today announce their collaboration to expand markets for professional and serious photographers. This makes it possible for optimized compatibility with Profoto flashes and Light Shaping Tools and Sony ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) products, as Sony has licensed technical specifications of its certain ILC products to Profoto. The collaboration enables Sony and Profoto photographers to create final images faster and turn their ambition into reality.

As both companies share the same vision of providing unique and high-performance solutions to not only professional photographers but also to serious photographers, the companies will jointly work together to cultivate such markets by conducting joint marketing related activities.

“Profoto is very pleased to enter into this partnership with Sony, a front runner of groundbreaking digital imaging. This collaboration between two industry leaders in photography and light shaping provides a unique platform that will enable future innovations for the world’s best and most ambitious photographers. We are happy to announce the first step, the highly sought-after Profoto AirTTL for Sony α users”, says Anders Hedebark, CEO of Profoto.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S is a small, wireless radio transmitter that can be attached to the Sony camera’s hotshoe. The remote offers full TTL and HSS capability with Profoto’s Pro-10, D2, B1, and B2 flashes.

The unique Profoto AirTTL revolutionized the way photographers work when it was first announced in November 2013. Profoto enables a lean work flow by making it possible to wirelessly integrate and truly merge your camera with your flash, thus empowering photographers to be more creative and focus less on settings.

Light is the essence of every image and with Profoto AirTTL lightshaping becomes simpler. It unlocks new creative possibilitiesand helps you go from idea to final image faster.

The Air Remote TTL-S will be available in early 2017.

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