Growig the light shaping tools for the A1 light, Profoto today have announced a 10 and 20 degree honeycomb grid set. I look forward to using them.

Here we go with the official details:

Today we’re proud to introduce our latest Light Shaping Tool for the Profoto A1: The Grid Kit.

Two grids that bring enormous potential. Created specifically for the Profoto A1, the world’s smallest
studio light, which in September 2017 revolutionized the industry with its unique round head and natural and beautiful light.

At the same time, a variety of compatible light shaping tools were introduced to help users of the A1 to be more creative with light. Now, the Grid Kit helps to take that creativity to another

The kit is small and portable with two grids that reduce light spread to either 10 degrees or 20 degrees, enabling a more direct and circular shape of light; which provides lots of creative options from adding contrast and making exciting background effects to merely controlling stray light.

Like all A1 light shaping tools, they click on and off the smart magnetic mount in a second and are stackable, so combinations of light shaping tools can be used together just as
quickly to provide even more creative options.

Bottom line, it’s about giving you everything you need to create
more extraordinary images with light every day.

Great light in every image The Profoto story
Profoto is more than a brand. Profoto is more than the world- leading light shaping products we make. Profoto is dedicated to making every image the best it can possibly be by helping the creator of that image bring the very best quality of light to it.

And when you consider that there are billions of images taken every single day, then you start to truly understand the full extent of our commitment to light shaping excellence.

That dedication and passion was imprinted upon our DNA from the very beginning. 50 years ago, our founders Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine resolved to make the very best flash for
the very best photographers – and they succeeded. That’s a standard that we don’t just aim to maintain – but to surpass.

Because we believe that light is the indispensable heart of all image creation, no matter what the situation, the ability to create amazing images is directly linked to the ability to master light

That core principle is the key to enabling a world filled with incredible images, and the purpose of every single product we make.

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Get even more creative with the Profoto A1. Grid Kit

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