When: Friday/Saturday 14th & 15th September 2018.
Where: Wex Photo Video Manchester
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate.

I am delighted to say that I have been invited once more to show just how – with good lighting ‘craft’ – you do not always need lots of kit to produce eye-catching imagery.

Yes, I get work it some top studios with lighting and accessories needed to get the job done.

But those who attend my workshops on studio and or Speedlight photography, also know it comes down to our skills not the kit first and foremost. And you can do so much with so little when you need to.

So, showcasing the amazingly portable Rogue flash products, come and see just how things can come together for the enthusiast to work wonders with this flexible range of possibilities.

On both days at the official opening of Wex Photo Video store in Manchester,  we have two events each day Each event is free and takes a different approach from a seminar too a hands on walk about.

Wex Photo Video Show Manchester.

End (21/08/18).