With my extensive Nikon background, former ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for Nikon Corporation in the UK and decades of experience shooting with it professionally, it is always nice to put that to use in helping others.

So I am delighted to say that again this year, I will be joining the Nikon team at the LCE Bath Photoshow on Saturday July 8th.

We have had a lovely response to our talks and photography sessions in the last few years there, so it is a pleasure to once again don my ‘Nikon’ experts hat. I will be giving a seminar, and available at the show.

So if you shoot or are interested in working with any Nikon full frame or DX D SLR, or you are a ‘Z’ system user, there will be something for you.

The talk is at 3pm, and entry is free. Although pre booking is usually required as seating is limited and we can fill the seats.

For more information and or to book, please: Click Here.

End. (25/05/19).