The software people use can be as contentious as the camera brand for some. 

Having been involved in digital imaging since the late 1980’s I have seen many programs become available. Some have established themselves long term, others come and gone. Obviously, I have used some of those in my own professional workflow.

For example, flatteringly I have been regarded as an expert when it comes to Nikon’s software options. And taught about their use for the company over the years. 

On that score, Nikon produce ‘technically’ speaking the most accomplished software for their cameras. But that is not to say it has been flawless, or always designed with an interface and workflow to match the appeal of third party options for many.

So I think it has not always captured the imagination in the numbers it has deserved. But I use Nikon software a lot, as it is technically a wonderful tool. Unmatched in fact for specific things if you work with Nikon (NEF) raw files.

Today, Nikon announce ‘Nikon Studio’ software. A big aspect of this free package is that it sees the integration of  the current Nikon Capture NX-D and View NX-i. NX-D is a good tool when you understand it for maximising raw file potential, but the two together can be cumbersome. So this makes sense.

I was keen too see if among others, it re introduced a couple of useful features lost when Capture NX2 made way for NX-D a few years ago, but so far I can not see them. Such upgrades to Nikon software is often followed afterwards by new camera announcements.

Plenty To Choose from.
Just in case you may think I am being Nikon centric, I have also been an Adobe Influencer and taught about their products. And witnessed how they caught the imagination for their own specific strengths. They remian significant tools for vast numbers.

More recently, Affinity Photo has been achieving good things and has many devotees. Again I can see much to like if you need a psudo Photoshop option.
Many pro’s use Capture One and I would regard it as another significant option.

So the good news is that there is something out there to suit pretty much anyone. And even if you do not want or need something from current options, another program although no longer updated, but I still think is amazingly capable, is Aperture from Apple. But I digress.

The official details and download information for Nikon Studio are below. Do check though compatibility with your operating system as some may be disappointed. 

John (04/03/21).



London, United Kingdom, 4th March 2021: Nikon is pleased to announce the release of NX Studio (version.1.0) – new software that enables the seamless viewing, processing and editing of still images and video. Nikon digital camera users can download the software, free of charge, today.

The intuitive software integrates the functions of Nikon’s current image viewing software, ViewNX-i*, and its image-processing and editing software, Capture NX-D*, allowing users to view, process and edit images in a single application.

NX Studio inherits a wide range of existing functions from ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D, including detailed editing functions such as Picture Control and White Balance settings, and Exposure Compensation for RAW data. In addition, it includes Colour Control Points that allow users to adjust colours within a specified area, and a Retouch Brush feature for advanced correction. Its intuitive menu structure is organised by workflow, which improves the overall response speed for each function and provides a smoother editing process for both stills and video.

The software will enable users to transfer images to Nikon’s image sharing and storage service, NIKON IMAGE SPACE, and will be continually updated to ensure compatibility with new camera models. The software can be downloaded from Nikon’s Download Centre at no charge.

Primary NX Studio features

• Software enables the viewing, processing and editing of still images and video in one place
• A user friendly menu, categorised by workflow – making it simple to use and easy to understand
• A variety of display options, such as filmstrip with both horizontal and vertical preview options, in addition to an easy-to-read shooting information display
• Inherited XMP/IPTC information editing and preset management functions from ViewNX-i and detailed editing functions from Capture NX-D, including Colour Control Points
• Compatibility with other software, such as Nikon Transfer 2 and Camera Control Pro 2, supporting a smooth post-shooting workflow

* Support for the current View NX-i and Capture NX-D software applications, including updates to the latest OS and the addition of new functions, are not planned in the future. Customers currently using View NX-i and Capture NX-D software applications are advised to update to NX Studio.