Nikon have introduced a ‘Movie Kit’ based around the z6 camera.

Here we go with the official details:


SSD: 16th September 2019


UK £2,639 GBP

ROI – 2,999 EUR

London, United Kingdom, 10th September 2019: Nikon today introduces its first mirrorless movie-making kit for video pros and content creators alike – the Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit. It has been designed with freedom in mind, providing the pure essentials to get rolling quickly, with all the core tools to make high-quality movies. By leaving filmmakers free to customise further components to suit their personal preferences, it avoids the expense of unnecessary equipment.

The kit features the Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera – and FTZ Mount Adapter which allows for seamless integration with a wide range of F-mount NIKKOR lenses – offering full-frame ultra-high-quality 4K video at high bit rates. In-camera five-axis optical Vibration Reduction (VR) works together with electronic VR for steady shooting, and Atomos open protocol is supported for easy integration of the included Atomos Ninja V recorder. A firmware update to be released later this year will support Apple’s ProRes RAW recording from the camera’s RAW output when using the Atomos Ninja V, giving maximum flexibility in grading. The SmallRig quick-release camera cage has a top-mounting grip handle for smoother moving images and tracking with ease.

By launching the ultimate essential kit for the independent filmmaker, Nikon offers a low-cost solution with a small footprint but immense impact. Flexibility is built in from the start, so it can be tailored with additional equipment to suit any movie-making style.

Summing up the appeal of the new kit, Robert Harmon, Senior Commercial Planning Manager, Nikon UK, said: “With the Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit, Nikon is delivering a long-awaited solution for advanced and professional moving content creators who want to take advantage of the Nikon Z 6’s high-level video capabilities. As it focuses on the core needs of videographers, with no unnecessary accessories, it’s the ideal start-up kit to shape your personal video workflow with Nikon – and it has the advantage of our soon-to-be-released RAW recording capability, making it a future-proof investment.”

The Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit is available for pre-order now and will start shipping from mid-September.


Nikon Z 6 camera body: 24.5 MP, 100-51200 ISO, full-pixel read-out 4K movie down sampled from 6k, up to 120 fps in FHD, 10-bit N-Log and timecode output, 8-bit internal recording with up to 144Mbps, in-camera slow-motion and time-lapse capabilities included.

Nikon FTZ mount adapter: enables use of NIKKOR F-mount lenses with no loss of quality, while other third party adapters enable use of a wide range of cine lenses.

Atomos Ninja V: flexible monitoring and recording in edit-ready ProRes and DNxHR formats.

SmallRig quick-release camera cage: the built-in Manfrotto-compatible quick-release system allows you to switch between tripods and monopods in seconds.

Nikon EN-EL 15b batteries: two rechargeable Li-ion batteries, ensuring you’re always ready to film the next scene.

Coiled HDMI cable: supports high-speed HDMI 2.0 for 4Kp60 ProRes and RAW high-frame-rate recordings.

5200 mAh batteries: two batteries and a fast charger to keep the Atomos running on even the longest shoot.

SmallRig handle for camera cage: top-mounting grip handle for easy tracking.

SmallRig magic arm: mount the Atomos Ninja V to the camera cage with the magic arm clamp.

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