Dedicated Remote Control For Elinchrom & Phottix System Users.

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Many know my opinion that some photographers certainly do benefit from, or fundamentally need a hand held light/flash meter. While many others do not.

It depends on what you do, how you want to do it and how precise you are prepared to be. Then of course you need to know both your products and techniques thoroughly.

A quick plug for our ‘Metering, Exposure & Colour – Shoot It Like a Pro’ workshop if I may, should you want to maximise your skill set on many key technique issues dealing with these vital elements.

Two new variants of the popular Sekonic L478 meters for studio users working with Elinchrom and Phottix systems have been added, plus a firmware upgrade (soon) for existing product users.

Here we go with the details:

Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L478DREL/L478DRPX Series Additional Radio System of Elinchrom and Phottix

Sekonic, manufacturer of Professional Photographic Light Meters, have released two new versions of their acclaimed LITEMASTER PRO L478 Series, touch screen operated light meters to the current lineup which
includes the L478D and L478DR for PocketWizard systems.

The new models of L478DREL and L478DRPX, developed with cooperation of Elinchrom in Switzerland and Phottix in Hong Kong, offer wirelesstriggering and power control of Elinchrom flash units
and triggering of flashes and radio triggers using the ELSkyport and Phottix Strato II protocol, respectively.

Both use Sekonic’s breakthrough DTS (Data Transfer Software) system that automates meter calibration to
the camera in use and expanded Cine features that put these meters in a class of their own.

Each meter features a distinctive, signature colour rubber surround.

Series compact size is both instantly familiar and comfortable to use.

The large colour LCD (2.7”) displays ambient, flash, cine and other information in a clear and understandable way. Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen.

Flash Power Control with Elinchrom ELSkyport products
The L478DREL’s power screen enables separate selection of any of the four lighting Groups, 1,2,3,4, for flash brightness adjustment in 0.1 increments by simply tapping buttons
on the meter’s touch screen.

The F number value for the light being measured appears in a central area on the screen as well as over respective group selection button.

The measured value for each group is maintained as a visual record of the brightness difference of the lights in use so that lighting ratio for a total exposure reading can easily be determined.

Once flash adjustment is made for each group, ALL flashes can be triggered for a total reading exposure. The L478DREL can also be used to measure and adjust modelling light brightness of Elinchrom flashes for cine/video lighting applications.

The L478DREL triggering and power control is compatible with all Elinchrom flashes that use the ELSkyport triggering system.

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Flash Triggering with Phottix Strato II Protocol products

The L478DRPXflash control screen allows selection of a single group or a combination of groups for flash brightness measurement.

The F number value for the light being measured appears in a central area on the screen. The measured value for each group is maintained as a visual record of the brightness difference of the lights in use so that lighting ratios can
be easily determined.

The L478DRPX group selection and triggering is compatible with Phottix flashes and radios that are compatible with the Phottix Strato II protocol. This includes flashes connected to the Strato and Strato II receiver and the Atlas II transceivers.

Compatible Phottix flashes include the Indra360, Indra500 and Mitros+series flashes designed for use with Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.

Exposure Profiling
Sekonic’s pioneering and newly updates DTS (Data Transfer Software) Version 5.0 enables quick dynamic range mapping of both digital still and motion cameras for the more precise
control of light and exposure. The automated process requires use of the L478’s 5degree viewfinder and recording images of one of Sekonic’s Exposure Profile Targets, Colorchecker
series targets by XRite or newly compatible SpyderCHECKR by Datacolor, all available as a separate purchase. Measured data from other industry standard
targets can also be manually entered in the software or meter.

Any number of profiles can be stored with the software. Once loaded, the Sekonic L478 series can make incident and reflected light
readings that are precisely tuned to the dynamic range of the profiled camera. A wide range of inmeter
adjustment as well as complete exposure data input is also possible using the graphic interface of the L478

Additional Improvements to the L478 Meters
Sekonic has been continuously adding operational improvements requested by current owners who are making L478 one of the most sought after light meters in Sekonic history.

Among these are the inclusion of ISO 850 for Canon cinema cameras, and expanding the filter compensation from 5EV to 12EV to aid landscape photographers who use high density
ND and vario ND filters.

These and other small operational improvements soon will be as a firmware upgrade for current owners by the latest Data Transfer Software ver 5.0 available on

LITEMASTER PRO L478 DREL (Elinchrom) £350
LITEMASTER PRO L478 DRPX (Phottix) £350

End. (07/06/16).