Joining the Nikkor PC-E lens line up is the PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED tilt-shift lens.

I have been looking forward to this lens being announced, as it does fill a ‘specalist’ gap in the pro end of the Nikon system.

It now offers a PC-E line up  on par with those Canon EOS users have enjoyed for a long time.

This looks like a nicely designed and thought out lens.

I have used all of the existing PC-E Nikor lenses of course many times over the years. so this focal length or similar, stood out as being ‘missing’ for some uses of tilt/shift lenses.

You should of course base your choice of lens on the focal length and angle of coverage needs first and foremost. But this new lens does offer interesting combination off axis combined movement options.

It is a a lens for what I call real photography. Refreshing in this day and age of increasing automation at the press of a button, as good old fashioned skills come to the fore with these optics.

The PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED is a decent lens, the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED a very fine optic, while the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D I use most regularly.

The PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED is a complex design, including a proud front glass surface, but promises significant image qualities and control.

Don’t think you will see that many in use though, as it is a specialist lens with a price to match.

But those who need one will no doubt use it a lot going forward. I like the sound of it’s potential.

Here are the official announcement details:


Get ready for control with the new PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED tilt-shift lens

RRP:  £3,299.99 / €3,999

Sales start date: 27th October 2016

London, UK, 19th October 2016: Nikon takes compositional flexibility to a new level with the first FX-format perspective control (PC) lens to employ two PC rotation mechanisms. Ideal for architectural, fine art, and landscape photography, the PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED is made for photographers who have a keen sense of space.

Thanks to its picture angle and unique tilt, shift, and double-layer rotation capabilities, this manual focus lens enables photographers to shoot from the perfect starting point. Both tilt and shift can be engaged individually, and in combination, essentially replicating the movements of a large-format view camera. Photographers can exercise extensive control over the lens’ focal plane, and easily shift to create images unaffected by convergence. Or tilt to create landscapes that are sharp from the foreground to the background, without the need to close the aperture as you would with standard lenses. The 19 mm angle of view is ideal for large structures and spaces, and the unique optical construction ensures the distortion common in wide-angle lenses is minimised, even at the edges of the frame.cl_1120

Simon Iddon, Head of Product Management, Nikon UK, says: “This FX-format lens is a long-awaited addition to Nikon’s line-up of NIKKOR lenses with perspective control. Having been developed in response to the demands of professionals who work with PC lenses, it offers a powerful combination of picture angle and uncompromised edge to edge image quality”.

Summary of key features

19 mm ultra-wide angle of view

The 19 mm angle of view means photographers can capture the true proportions of a scene, or take in more of the structure and less of the foreground.

High precision: legendary NIKKOR quality

Two aspherical lens elements greatly reduce coma and other types of aberration. Three extra-low-dispersion glass elements minimise axial chromatic aberration. Nikon’s Nano Crystal Coat virtually eliminates ghosting and flare throughout the frame, even in backlit situations.

Double-layer PC rotation: shoot from the perfect starting point

Both tilt and shift can be engaged individually, or in combination. Tilt can be rotated independently up to 90° in either direction, and the whole lens can also be rotated up to 90°.

Smooth operator: superb build, exceptional ergonomics

The sturdy shift mechanism allows for smooth operation. The lens is compact and weighs approximately 885 g. And it boasts Nikon’s fluorine coating, which actively repels water, dust and dirt without compromising image quality.

End. (19/10/16).