Here are the official announcement details for the 90mm F2 DG DN.

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I series – Premium Compact Primes for mirrorless users

New standards of optical performance for the Contemporary line Exceptional I series build quality with a compact form-factor

UK SRP: £549.99 |
On sale date: 24 September 2021
Supplied accessories:
Magnetic metal lens cap (LCF55-01M), Hood (LH576-02), Front Cap (LCF-55III),
Rear Cap (LCRII)
Available mounts:
L-Mount, Sony E-mount

Introducing SIGMA’s all-new, mid-telephoto I series prime for mirrorless systems.

This compact 90mm F2.8 optic is versatile, well-built and offers stunning optical performance,
making it perfect for portraits, close-ups, weddings and events.

A brand new 90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary premium compact prime has been added to SIGMA’s growing
I series range.

It joins four existing I series primes as well as the all-new 24mm F2, offering superb optical performance, a bright F2.8 aperture, an all-metal build and a manual aperture ring.

Designed especially for mirrorless systems it feels well-balanced on modern full-frame bodies, and boasts exceptional resolving power
that can keep up with the latest ultra-high-resolution cameras.

With its versatile mid-telephoto focal length, the lens is the longest I series lens yet, but still remains remarkably
compact and light so is ideal for day-to-day use. It is fully-optimized for mirrorless systems with ultra-fast and accurate AF performance, and it boasts outstanding optical capabilities.

The rich, smooth bokeh makes for attractive backgrounds, which is perfect for portraits, and the minimum focusing distance of 50cm allows
photographers to get closer to their subject.

This high-quality, everyday lens is able to bring scenes to life with its beautiful rendering and ultra-sharp optics,
all in a portable, robust and tactile lens body.

Key featuresI series – Premium Compact Primes for mirrorless users
The SIGMA I series features full-frame-compatible lenses that offer mirrorless users a new and better alternative, both in the experience of shooting with the lens and in the impressive results it is able to achieve.

One of the key advantages of mirrorless cameras is their smaller form-factor, and this new 24mm optic is designed to be perfectly matched to these more compact systems without sacrificing performance. This combination of superb optical quality with exceptional portability, not previously possible with DSLR systems, will bring new opportunities to this and future generations of photographers.

Simultaneously, SIGMA is aware that, in this day and age when we have such huge diversity when it comes to what we use to photograph, as represented by smartphones, people look for something more than a mere act of ‘taking pictures’ when they choose to own a camera and lenses.

SIGMA’s excellence in development and processing technologies has been built up since it was founded in 1961 – actually, this lens is being announced 60 years to the day since SIGMA’s story began – and has become further sophisticated with the introduction of the SIGMA Global Vision in 2012. With this as a base SIGMA has given careful thought to how photographers use and enjoy their lenses, including optical design, advanced functionality, build quality and the experience of picking up and using the lens, and with all of this carefully considered the I series was born.

New standards of optical performance for the Contemporary line

The SIGMA 90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary boasts exceptional optical performance with a ultra-high
resolving power to match the latest high-resolution mirrorless cameras.

The lens is built using the very latest optical technology, and includes five SLD glass elements. This helps
to reduce axial chromatic aberration that cannot be corrected in-camera, allowing the lens to achieve high
resolution and clear image quality with no color bleeding.

A high-precision glass molded aspherical lens provides both high resolution and beautiful bokeh.
Photographers can enjoy shooting with soft, large bokeh without coloration and this is something that only a
full-frame lens is able to deliver.

The lens also utilizes the camera’s optical correction functionality, which is an advantage of mirrorless
systems, SIGMA’s optical designers were therefore able to concentrate on correcting aberrations that can only
be corrected by the optical design, thereby improving rendering performance and reducing the size and weight
of the lens.

With a minimum focusing distance of 50cm and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:5, close-up macro-style
photography is possible. The lens highlights the subject, allowing photographers to focus in on fine details or
create more abstract compositions.

The AF drive system incorporates a quiet, high-speed stepping motor, making it suitable for still images as well
as video recording.

Exceptional I series build quality with a compact form-factor

All I series lenses have an all-metal construction. The precision-cut aluminum parts not only give the barrel
a sleek, stylish finish, but provide superb durability that improves the quality of the entire product. Metal
materials are also used in internal structures that slide with the operation ring for added robustness. These
high-precision components crafted with SIGMA’s cutting-edge metalworking technology are also used in
SIGMA’s cine lens line-up for professional cinematographers and provide a tactile, ergonomic feel that make
the lens a pleasure to use.

The 90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary shares the same φ64mm maximum diameter and 55mm filter size as
the 24mm F3.5 DG DN | Contemporary and the 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, making them a natural trio,
especially for filmmakers who use filters more regularly.

With a combined weight of only 735grams / 25.9oz.*, these three lenses (wide-angle, standard, mid-telephoto)
can be used in tandem as part of a high-spec and compact camera system that covers a wide range of shooting

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