The importers of the Cullmann range of photo items have pre announced some new arrivals.

Here we go with the details:

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New Cullmann lines set to launch early 2017

More product lines are about to join the existing Cullmann range, including 2 new tripod ranges, new photo bags, LED Video lights and a new Cullmann flashgun. These new products are set to arrive in the UK in very early January.

Firstly we have the MUNDO tripod, available in 4 colours: black, silver, orange and blue. The Mundo features an integrated Monopod, so it is ideal for landscape, portrait or architectural photography as a tripod, or a monopod for sports and action photography.

The second new range of tripods are the NEOMAX mini travel tripods, there are 3 models in various sizes all of which feature fast operation, high stability and low weight. Each Neomax tripod features an aluminium ball head with camera quick release system, robust feet and comes complete with a tripod case.

The new STOCKHOLM bags include a daypack and 4 shoulder bags in various sizes. The design of the Stockholm series is based on the Scandinavian reduced look – simple, clean and without frills. All bags come in a cool grey polyester material, which is water repellent and abrasion resistant.

There are 5 sizes of CUlight LED video lights; 3 x daylight and 2 x bi-colour lights, plus a Cullmann flashgun, the CUlight FR60. Besides the high flash factor 60, TTL functions for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras, a zoom range from 20 – 200 mm as well as USB interface for firmware updates, the highlight of the CUlight FR60 is the integrated radio remote control, which works over a distance of 100 meters and does not require a line-of-sight link. The CUlight FR60 flash can therefore be installed at exactly the locations where it can provide the best possible illumination.

Mundo Tripod £179.99 inc VAT
Neomax mini travel tripods start from £59.99 to £79.99 inc VAT
Stockholm bags from £44.99 to £89.99 inc VAT
CUlight LED video lights from £49.99 to £299.99
CUlight FR60 flashgun £249.99 inc VAT

End. (28/11/16).