When:  Monday February 6th 2017.
Where: Calumet London (Drummond Street).
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.For more information and or to book please Click Here to go to our partners web site.

One of the most informative and enlightening of courses, Metering, Exposure & Colour  – ‘Shoot It Like A Pro’, is for those who want to really obtain the best exposures and colour/tones in their images.

Step – by -step from the ground-up, it usually surprises in the ground covered, something for everyone, no matter your subject and approach. We have updated this course for 2017.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • Understanding Metering – the principles it is based upon and why.
  • Metering – In camera metering options.
  • Achieving professional standards of metering, how and why it is important.
  • Apertures, Shutter speeds & ISO. the real things you need to know about them.
  • Achieving the best auto exposures.
  • Maximising manual exposure – still the best for many situations – why and how.
  • Working under changeable and or time limited situations – what to prioritise and capture.
  • How to achieve maximum quality when there is time for out of camera ready to roll images.
  • Measuring and using your cameras dynamic range and why it is important.
  • Understanding and using a standard histogram.
  • Using your Red, Green and Blue Histograms.
  • Walking away with the best exposure.
  • Viewing – limitations and solutions.
  • Your cameras colour palette, and getting the most from it and why it is important.
  • Understanding & mastering White Balance tools.
  • Post Capture – how it is effected by what you capture and use.
  • Practical demonstrations and opportunities throughout as we explore the concepts.
  • Q & A throughout.

    End. (18/01/17).