I have a lot of time for conservation. And it is great when one of the famous camera brands gets involved.
Leica will be supporting the ‘Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM project’.

Here we go with the details:

Leica Camera UK in support of Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM project

Leica to host the launch of unique book created in protest of illegal wildlife trade with book launch and exhibition at Leica Studio Mayfair

Leica Camera are pleased to announce their forthcoming involvement with Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM – an international group of award-winning photographers who have joined forces to use their powerful images to help bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade. Leica will be hosting the launch of the projectʼs truly unique book on Friday 18th May, in support of exposing this global problem. The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of 30 images from the book also on display in the studio from 14th May – 7th June. The group is working to release a bilingual edition in both English and Chinese for distribution in China at a future date.

Photography is one of the most powerful mediums used throughout history to deliver

thought-provoking messages that challenge the status quo. For more than one

hundred years Leica photographers have been capturing life-changing moments that

have changed global perceptions. It is this change for good which photography can

bring about, that Leica continue to support with projects such as Photographers

Against Wildlife Crime TM.

This reaffirms the brandʼs ongoing commitment to the image as a force for cultural, political and environmental change.

The award-winning photographers and photojournalists among Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM set out to cover international wildlife crime through a visual narrative – much as the legendary war journalists did – with a series of emotionally powerful images. Each image has been skilfully shot and planned to encapsulate a different angle of the story. Some of the photographers have risked their lives to document aspects of the incomprehensible cruelty and ruthlessness of the illegal trade which is the world’s fourth largest criminal activity after drug smuggling, the illegal firearms trade and human trafficking.

“Overexploitation and habitat loss pose the biggest threat to species.” Remarks Keith Wilson, Co-Founder of the project, Writer and Photo Editor. “

Fellow Co-Founder and Photographer Britta Jaschinski adds, “We know that photography can be a powerful tool. And by joining forces we have collated a unique collection of the most beautiful, sometimes hard-hitting but always inspiring images by dedicated photographers. Our images are the proof that photography matters.”

Leica UKʼs Managing Director, Jason Heward remarks, “We stand on the shoulders of the legendary Leica photographers who risked everything to expose injustice and abhorrence. Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM are using their imagery to expose equally shocking atrocities. Each one of these photographs has the power to change opinions and we are proud to support photographers who use their craft for greater good.”

The Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM exhibition is open for public viewing from 14th May – 7th June at the Leica Studio Mayfair, with the official book launch on 18th May. Both co-founders of Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM, Britta Jaschinski and Keith Wilson are available for interview.

End. (25/04/18).