As a brand I have a lot of time for the design concepts of Leica Camera.

Film or digital, they put real world tools into their cameras. Photography rather than ‘technology’ first you might say.

They now have a special limited edition MP camera in recognition of one of our finest photographers Terry O Neill and his amazing career.

Quite like the ‘British Racing Green’ although in some light it does look a more conventional black. A fine film camera nevertheless, available as a standard model of course, in either black or chrome finishes.

Here we go with the official details:

Leica MP ʻTerry OʼNeillʼ Set

Leica to release Leica MP Set, a limited edition collaboration with iconic portrait photographer Terry OʼNeill, at Photo London 2018.

London, 26th April 2018. Leica Camera UK are set to launch a collaboration with Terry OʼNeill, one of the worldʼs most celebrated and collected photographers. Launching at this yearʼs Photo London, the Leica MP ʻTerry OʼNeillʼ Set will see the iconic Leica film camera reinvented in a classic combination of British racing green painted on its top cover and across the bottom plate. The camera will come equipped with a silver Summilux-M 50f/1.4 ASPH. and a matching cognac leather strap. A special engraving of Terry OʼNeillʼs signature has been added to the top plate for a finishing touch. Each set will be numbered as one of 35 and certified by Dr Andreas Kaufmann.

Talking of the collaboration, Terry OʼNeill describes his admiration for Leica: “I bought myself a Leica as soon as I could and they have been with me ever since. They became a reflection of what I felt. When you use a Leica, you can never go wrong.”

In the mid 1960ʼs, Terry OʼNeill found his work taking him to movie sets more frequently. It was during this time that he captured now iconic images of Audrey Hepburn.

“I really enjoyed working on the sets, it was an opportunity to work with some of the biggest stars around – I met Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Brigitte Bardot and so on. So, when the call came to ask if I wanted to go down to the South of France to work on ʻTwo for the Roadʼ starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn, well, how do you say no to that?”.

“I was shooting portraits of Audrey when a dove landed on her shoulder. She stood as still as could be to allow me to get a few frames before the bird flew-off. Anyone else would have moved right way, but Audrey understood what makes a great image. She was a

wonderful person to work with, a real star.”

To commemorate this now iconic moment taken on a Leica, each set will include a signed 16 x 20 edition Terry OʼNeillʼs photograph of Audrey Hepburn from this series and never- before released, for the discerning photography collector.

The technical specifications of the Leica MP included in the Leica MP ʻTerry OʼNeillʼ Set are identical to those of standard model of the Leica MP film camera. Usually available in silver chrome or black paint finish, the Leica MP is designed for endurance and to enable the photographer to master even the most difficult lighting situations. The camera offers complete creative control; its selective TTL metering system offers supporting data to help the user choose the ideal exposure parameters.

Limited to only 35 sets, Leica MP ʻTerry OʼNeillʼ Set will be available from 17th May 2018 for £10,500 including VAT.

End. 18/05/18.