Intrepid has announced their latest 4×5 camera.

Not for everyone large format photography, but for some nothing can touch it.

This camera will be available in three substainably sourced (well done Intrepid) wood options.
Think I like the look of the walnut best.

Here are the main details.

Best wishes and good photography.

John (02/05/24).

Intrepid 4×5 Hardwood Edition.

£540.00 Regular price. Ships within 6-8 weeks.

The Intrepid 4×5 Hardwood Edition is our best looking camera yet. It’s a modern rethink of the traditional large format field camera, available in sustainably sourced Walnut, Cherry or Beech. It has all the excellent features of our classic plywood camera but in a new beautiful form. It’s super lightweight (just 1.3kg) and incredibly versatile.
The latest generation is our most refined and advanced yet! It has precise zero guides, a full range of movements, a Graflok back, removable bellows and reinforced front standard controls with lockable zero stops.
All the wood in our hardwood cameras has been specially selected for its beautiful grain and detail. Each camera is individually cut, sanded and oiled by hand to ensure the grain and pattern of the wood matches across the whole camera.