Being able to understand and use optional lighting, rather than just rely on daylight I find one of the most if not the most useful tool of photography.

And thank you once again to the thousands who have over the decades, been on our various Speedlite/Speedlight, Studio Lighting and LED lighting workshops where we share the real world knowledge.

But It always seems strange to me why so many will readily talk about their favourite cameras they have had in the past, but few talk about their favourite Speedlight type products for example.

Yet over the decades, we have had an increasingly impressive number of top quality products.

So just for those who have been using portable flash over the years, just a few products off the top of my head that I think deserve a mention as amongst the finest we have yet seen. In no particular order:

Vivitar 283.

Mets 60-CT (Various).

Nikon SB-800.

Canon 580 EX/EXII.

Olympus T-32.

I mention these off the top of my head as they were heavily used in their day and some still are. But they also managed to change things by enticing more photographers to portable flash.

As you will notice, I have gone for top-of-the-line professional products, because they have a proven track record of standing up to heavy use. My oldest Nikon SB-800’s for example, is now roughly eighteen years into its service.

There are obviously many other fine examples around, but I have used all of the above and the list was getting long.

However lighting continues to progress, and we have not yet reached the end of the road in portable flash development.

John. (22/06/22).