Today is the 100 year anniversary of the inception of Nippon Kogaku K.K, or as we know them today… Nikon.

On a personal note as many will know, I felt proud to be the ‘Advisor Of photography’ for Nikon in the UK for a number of years. And I remain the same and not a little amazed that they still call upon me from time to time as a photographer/technical consultant to support their activities so many years later.

Likewise, being immersed in the system at that time, and having used it as a pro photographer to earn my keep for a lot longer, I am very appreciative of what they have achieved. 100 years is after all worth celebrating as an optical company.

There are not many that reach that milestone.

I would like to go on record therefore and  thank the designers, engineers and technicians, that have in the companies photographic products, over the generations allowed countless numbers to enjoy their passion and record their lives as enthusiasts.

Not forgetting those who use the products as a small part of their jobs.

And certainly no one can over look the significance of life as capture by professional photographers around the world, largely since the Nikon ‘F’ of 1959 using Nikon equipment.

And many may also be wearing Nikon spectacles, or using binoculars to name just two other successful optical lines.

And while I sense a slight change in momentum and direction of the company photographically speaking, photography is in a better place when Nikon do what they have done well and play to their strengths.

So Happy Birthday Nikon!

However, I had been this year underwhelmed so far by the companies own promotion of its centenary, so I was pleased to see today this realisation that there is plenty to remind photographers about, regardless if they shoot on Nikon or not.

So here we go with one of today’s PR releases:

Nikon Celebrates 100th Birthday with Exclusive

Anniversary Content Series

London, UK 25th July 2017 – Nikon launches an exclusive content series in celebration of its 100th Anniversary on July 25th, 2017. Housed in Nikon’s Anniversary Hub, the series will be released throughout the summer and consist of iconic images, stories and advice from photographers all over the world, who have helped shape a century of imagination and the brand’s rich history. It will also offer a behind the scenes virtual tour of the Nikon Museum in Tokyo.

Since its inception as Nippon Kogaku K.K. in 1917, Nikon has provided the world with unique products and expertise that have pushed the boundaries of optical and precision technologies. From industry insights to Nikon’s celebrity followers, the content has been designed to continue to inspire photographers and fans alike.

The content series will be released across five main categories:

100 Years of Stories

Over the past 100 years, Nikon has been instrumental in transforming the world of imaging. From iconic milestones, camera launches and product innovations to the individual inspiration of professional photographers, amateurs and fans, Nikon shares some of the most important, personal and beautiful stories from across Europe and the world.

Virtual Nikon Museum

To showcase Nikon’s legacy and where it all began, Nikon has created a 360-degree virtual tour of its world-renowned museum in Tokyo. Entering the world of Nikon, viewers will get an insight into Nikon’s technologies, products and key milestones in its history – including how Nikon has assisted bioscience, medicine and even space.

Icons with Nikons

Nikon cameras and lenses are used by people from all walks of life. This series of photos shows celebrities from the worlds of music, TV and film, and sport with a Nikon to hand.

100 Years of Helping

Since 1917, Nikon has supported photographers with their chosen discipline, sharing insights and advice to push the boundaries of what’s possible, as well as guiding amateurs and fans along the way. To commemorate this, and with insights from a selection of the brand’s global photographer base, Nikon has collated its best tips from a century of expertise.


Nikon is also launching an Instagram competition for Nikon fans and enthusiasts across Europe, with a selection of prizes on offer, including Nikon cameras. The competition challenges entrants to take a photograph which is a reflection of themselves and their Nikon camera. Participants who take the best ‘selfie’ in front of a mirror, piece of glass, puddle, or another inventive option, will be in with a chance of winning a number of prizes including a Nikon D500 or D7500. For more info please follow @NikonEurope on Instagram.

For further information on Nikon’s 100th Anniversary and to access the anniversary content, visit the Anniversary Hub.

End (25/07/17).