The ‘B’ word not unsurprisingly continues to effect the supply of some photography products.

Not sure if this one will be an issue, but Hahnel products which includes Speedlights and battery chargers, will no longer be sent direct from Ireland after the end of the year. Not clear if this will have any effect on availability and or pricing as a new distributor takes responsibility for this and some other brands, but time will tell of course.

Here is the gist of the Hahnel press release.

John. (08/11/21).

The first direct supply of Hähnel products from Ireland to the UK dates back to 1996 and this proved to be an extremely successful operation for over 25 years. Unfortunately, Brexit has fundamentally changed the way Ireland can now trade with the UK and this has forced us to make the difficult

Transcontinenta UK Ltd will from the start of 2022 distribute the Hahnel, Leofoto and Zhiyyun brands and the company already represents, among others, brands such as Tamron, Peak Design, Lexar, Bushnell, Godox and Kodak in the field of photography, video, sport optics and mobile connectivity.

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