There are so many tripods on the market, not dissimilar to rucksacks in that respect, it is hard to know where to start.

The reality is though that you don’t buy tripods very often. And as with anything, it’s always best to see the product and think logically as far as the features that you may really need, then see how they are executed in the actual product in front of you.

Quality does not come cheap, so you would expect this new tripod from Falcam to be something special. And the requirements for small and lightweight, do make travel tripods particularly difficult to get right. So here are the details of the TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod.

Sounds good and may be one item that proves to be very good value years down the line.

Best wishes a good photography.

John. (12/06/24).

Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod (R141K-320P).

This state-of-the-art tripod combines portability, stability, and versatility to set a new standard for travel photography equipment. Constructed from high-strength carbon fibre and aluminium alloy, the TreeRoot tripod is designed to meet the needs of both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

The Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod features a unique Reuleaux Triangle tube design that provides exceptional rigidity and stability while maintaining a lightweight structure. The tripod’s compact form factor and quick-lock mechanism make it an ideal companion for photographers on the go, ensuring quick set-up and takedown in any environment. One of the key features of the TreeRoot tripod is its quick-release centre column, which can be removed without tools, allowing effortless low angle shooting. This feature, combined with the tripod’s adaptive limit column and slotted design, allows precise compositional control even in challenging conditions.
Compatible with the Falcam F38 and F22 interface.

The TreeRoot head features Falcam F38 compatibility for seamless integration with most Arca-Swiss quick release plates. This ensures a secure and fast mounting system for your camera. The head also features 360-degree rotation and dual pan modes, supporting both horizontal and vertical shooting. Each locking knob provides tactile and audible cues for precise control of the ball head, even in low light conditions.

The TreeRoot tripod is equipped with a variety of expansion interfaces, including the F22 quick release interface, 1/4″ Arri expansion thread hole and carrying strap hole, providing extensive customization options for different shooting needs. In addition, the tripod includes a multi-function hook that can be used to hang accessories or tools, further enhancing its functionality. With a maximum height of 1.55m (with the centre column extended) and a minimum height of 168mm, the TreeRoot tripod offers great versatility for different shooting scenarios. Its four section leg extension and three-level angle adjustment system ensure stability and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of photographic applications.

Falcam’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every detail of the TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod. Thoroughly tested and refined through extensive field-testing and user feedback, this tripod is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.
Unique features:

  • Reuleaux triangular tube design for increased rigidity and stability with a lightweight structure.
  • Quick Release Centre Column allows tool-free removal for low angle shooting.

    Adaptive Limit Column and Slot Design provides precise composition control and anti-slip protection.
  • Multiple expansion interfaces with Falcam F22 quick release, 1/4″ Arri expansion thread hole, strap hole.
  • Multi-function hook for hanging accessories or tools.
  • Four section leg extension provides stability and flexibility with three-level angle adjustment.
  • Maximum height of 1.55m (with centre column extended) for versatile shooting scenarios.
  • Compact and portable, makes it ideal for travel with quick setup and breakdown.
  • High strength carbon fibre and aluminium alloy construction is durable, lightweight, and make it very reliable.
  • F38 Compatibility to seamlessly integrates with most Arca-Swiss quick release plates.
  • 360-degree rotation tripod head with two pan modes for precise control.
    Availability and price
    The Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod (R141K-320P) will be available soon at Falcam dealers in the UK and Ireland, for a recommended retail price of €599.99/ £519.99 including VAT.