Our digital black and white portrait workshop is taking place again at the end of this month.

This event comes under our ‘By Invitation Only’ (BIO) events and cover pretty unique ground at times.

As such, they are a few notches up from our ‘standard’ workshops, for the advanced shooter, or those interested in achieving such a level.

We could not fit everyone onto the last day, so we are hosting the event again in London on Saturday, May 28th.

There are a couple of spaces free still. So If you are interested and would like to join this exclusive range of events, please: Click Here.

And of course, it is a hands on shooting day. Those who have been on one of our ‘BIO’ days before, know they go away having shot significant imagery, in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

Focused on the beauty and character of black and white digital portrait photography, we use a comfortable studio environment to maximise what is possible out of your camera. You will be surprised at what can be achieved.

‘BIO’ events are currently still open to anyone, as we realise lock down meant a lull in physical events, so people could not try one of our ‘standard’ courses first.

So if you feel like taking your shooting further, and having a wonderful day of photography, you are very welcome to join us.

We will be shooting a variety of male and female subjects across various and different styles.

JC. (08/05/22).