Today’s D-Day Anniversary has to have touched so many.

The sheer scale of the 1944 event, its planing and enormous challenges are hard, if not impossible to contemplate.

But it is those brave men (and women), who took part at the cutting edge of one of histories most momentous days, who both inspire and humble by their deeds then and dignity now.
It can make you feel ‘inadequate’ when it comes to your own achievements.
But apart from the soldiers, sailors and aircrew, let us not forget the medical support who must have had a horrendous task.
And I was of course struck by the stills and film photographers.
Some amazing stories there, not just of the effort, but bravery and composure.

It today shows once again how important it is for us all to take the pictures, catalog and store them safely for future generations.

Can you imagine how we would struggle without the images to understand what went on? And sadly as that amazing generation passes it can only heighten the importance of images. And what a shame about Robert Capa’s missing (ruined) films?
One final thought about the image makers of 06/06/44. No AF, no multi pattern metering, no post capture Lightroom to save poor snaps, and limited exposures.
People that know me well, know I fear for ‘real’ photography, as camera makers try to focus peoples minds ever increasingly on the technology and not the techniques.
I am not saying don’t use modern technology, far from it. But learn the craft and you can rightly call yourself a photographer. Learn just the technology, and you can end up just talking a good picture, or being given what your given, when better shots are to be had.
Thank you Bill, and all who made D-Day a success. The free world owes you the biggest debt.
End. (06/06/19).