As exciting cameras and lenses may be, it always seems strange to me that people will seek the best, but then not have in place other parts of the workflow to match.

I always mention a monitor calibrator when I can. See what you have captured with as much accuracy as possible should be the aim.

XP Distribution have announced a new starter kit. Here we go with the details:


Birmingham, UK 23rd August 2018 – XP Distribution, the colour management specialists, have announced the launch of the brand-new X-Rite Colour Starter Kit, to aid colour novices in achieving precise colour within the capture and edit stages of their workflow. The kit will include an X-Rite ColorMunki Smile and an X-Rite ColorChecker Gray Balance card; the perfect bundle for photographers entering into the world of colour management.

The Colour Starter Kit has been designed with affordability in mind and provides photographers with their crucial first steps into colour management, allowing them to ensure their colour workflow is completely accurate from capture to edit. Created with colour novices in mind, the kit is suitable for those who wish to bring their memories to life through their images, such as holiday shots, family events or special occasions, in a simple and straightforward way.

The X-Rite ColorChecker Gray Balance card is a pocket-sized grey reference chart that ensures that the camera exposure is precise in variable lighting conditions; allowing users to instantly correct colour, set white balance and evaluate exposure. This makes it the ideal product for creative individuals whose images often appear over or underexposed during the capture stage.

The other half of the kit, the X-Rite ColorMunki Smile, is designed for individuals looking to get true colour from their display in a simple way, free from technical complications. In just a few clicks, the ColorMunki Smile allows users to display accurate colours on their screen, whilst also showing the before and after results.

With the new X-Rite Colour Starter Kit, photographers can ensure their images are correctly represented in both the capture and edit stages, eliminating the guesswork, and giving the user the confidence of knowing their colours are completely accurate.

The Colour Starter Kit is priced at only £74.17 ex. VAT / £89 Inc. VAT