For all of the money manufacturers spend on advertising, there are moments when something completely unplanned or anticipated gives coverage that marketing departments can only dream about. You may remember during the Olympics when Usain Bolt picked up a camera and started to photograph the sports photographers.

Well yesterday at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal football club the end of an important match against Liverpool FC, saw a victory for the home team and what was an amazing atmosphere throughout.

The Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard, along with his team mates were understandably celebrating the moment and the victory on the pitch. He picked up a camera from one of the official Arsenal photographers Stuart MacFarlane, and started to photograph him with much fun. Not sure the photographer enjoyed having the tables turned at first, but he got into it.
And there was a lot of coverage of this in the UK sporting media 

I was in the stadium and saw this straight away. I thought to myself Nikon will love this as I know what their photographers use. A ‘Z’ system pro camera highlighted in this way, is perfect in promoting the brand and one of the products intended genres. How much are such situations worth in marketing terms?

Any spontaneous highlighting of any product in any area of human endeavour through something unscripted, is surely more ‘honest’ than the majority of marketing, which theses days seems pretty much intent on ticking politically (socially) correct boxes as much as anything else.

Best wishes and good photography,

John. (05/02/24).