Benro have a new precision geared head available. Not sure about the colour, but there is no denying that for some kinds of photography this approach is needed in tripod head design.

Here we go with the official details:


The Benro Geared Head delivers precision movement in three axes.  For large movements and initial set up the gearing can be dis-engaged, then re-engaged to allow the photographer to fine tune their camera position for the perfectly framed image. The head also features three built in bubble levels to ensure perfect set up.

Unlike some other geared heads currently available, the Benro GD3WH uses an Arca-style quick release pate, allowing the photographer to switch between different types of heads without the need to change plates.

Geared heads are perfect for landscape photographers and also still life and macro images, where absolute precision is essential.

Quality assured:  To ensure a smooth, accurate and long life, all components have been designed and manufactured using premium materials – including magnesium alloy in the overall construction.

The weight of the head has deliberately been kept low at just 870g, without compromising the maximum load capability of 6kg of camera equipment.

Head movement:

Up/down Tilt +90/-30 degrees

Landcape Tilt -90/+30 degrees

Mark Hoskins, Benro UK Brand Manager added:  ‘Over the years I’ve been regularly asked for a quality geared head that is reliable, light weight, will support a serious camera/lens combination and is Arca-style quick release plate compatible. Benro has delivered a product that meets these criteria spot on, with a classic design that means photographers will be familiar with the head operation, and based on the feedback from our in-the-field pro testing we’re confident it will perform well in the most harsh conditions.’

The new Benro Geared Head comes with a 3 year warrantee as standard – which can be extended to 5 years (free of charge) once the product is registered.

Price & Specification:

UK SRP (inc VAT):  £200

Product Dimensions:  145 x 139 x 109mm

Base Diameter:  52mm

End. (16/03/18).