Today we remember those who have fought and often given their lives in conflict. All combatants from all countries, and those from civil populations.

Like many, I had family members who fought during the Great War, and have plans to mark the centenary of this colossal conflict and give time and thoughts to a generation, that when duty called, they largely answered.

We should also be grateful that image making, both stills and the moving footage, has left us with a visual record that without, would make commemoration, understanding and more, difficult. That much has been evident in the time leading up to today’s events with so much material coming through the media.

There is a chance I think, in no small part down to these images, that future generations may have a better chance of keeping our commemorative traditions going. Let us hope enough show an interest to make that so.

Those images give a sense of the individuals who took part, which alongside personal diaries and letters give us the human aspect that makes them ‘real’ and relatable too.

From the formal portraits of young men in uniform, too the women taking up work in the factories back home, alongside the moving images of the war and home fronts, these are priceless historical materials,

So I guess what I am trying to say is, take the pictures. You just do not know how history may come to look at them?

We give thanks and gratitude to that generation. It may be 100 years, but is it not just ‘yesterday’ in terms of history?

Best wishes,


End. (11/11/18).