A new lens under the Viltrox name is being introduced for Sony ‘E’ mount cameras. Giving an angle of view equating to a 40mm on full frame camera, it promises cutting edge performance. Here are some of the released details.
Best wishes and good photography,
John (07/02/24).
In addition to the popular 27 millimeter prime lens for the Fuji X-Mount, Rollei is now also offering the Viltrox lens for the Sony E-Mount for pre-order. The AF 27mm F/1.2 lens for Sony APS-C cameras represents a significant advance in optical technology. Designed to take photography to a new level. With its impressive F/1.2 aperture, the lens offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in worlds of fine bokeh and increases performance in difficult lighting conditions.
As the latest addition to the Pro series, the AF 27mm F/1.2 Pro maintains the impressive resolution the series is known for. It offers a crystal clear representation of reality and captures every detail with the utmost precision. This unsurpassed image quality meets the high demands of professional photography and offers a visual experience that is second to none.
The lens features a sophisticated optical structure with 11 groups and 15 elements, including aspherical HOYA elements, two extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses, and five high-refractive lenses. Together with high-resolution nano-multilayer coatings, this combination produces vivid and artifact-free images.
With a focal length of 27 millimeters, which is about 40 millimeters in full-frame, the lens offers a perspective that is close to the natural angle of view of the human eye. Ideal for a wide range of photography styles, it allows for exceptional close-ups with a minimum focusing distance of just 0.28 meters. In addition, the lens is dust- and splash-proof, making it the ideal companion for photographic adventures in all conditions.