When: Saturday November 16th 2019.

Where: Park Cameras, (West Sussex).
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/advanced.

Product & Still-Life Photography Workshop.

No matter the reason, for business use or simply pleasure, product photography is far more than just ‘point and shootʼ.
Many subjects are challenging, but do not be put off. Product shooting can be very creative nd incredibly rewarding.
Particularly when you have a proven road map to follow.

So join us for one of the most enlightening and inspiring lighting workshops as John shares his experience to take us through step-by-step, the ways to create eye-catching images.

Shooting table top and similarly sized subjects, we see how studio lighting, Speedlites or constant LED/Fluorescent/Tungstan lighting can be used.
We explore through explanation and practical shooting, the various stages tackling subjects made from plastics, glass, metals and other materials.

High quality results are not just about the technical aspects, but the creative elements that have to work as well.
So this workshop details ways to construct images to add those ‘artisticʼ aspects product shots need to have if you want more than a standard result against a plain white backdrop for ‘cut outʼ purposes.

On the day you will create and shoot some beautiful product imges to take home.

This event is suitable for any camera or lighting system user.

Some of the content covered:

  • Composition, angles and focus points.
  • Techniques for getting the desired depth-of-field.
  • Supporting your subject in place.
  • Getting the best exposure.
  • Getting accurate or desired colour.
  • Dealing with reflections.
  • Using flash lighting.
  • Using constant light such as LED/fluorescent options.
  • Utilising common lighting accessories to creating the desired shape, line and form.
  • Tethering.
  • Further touches to ease and enhance the workflow.
  • Background options.

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End (15/09/19).