©JohnClements_JCI60217065II_02If you need ultimate control of where and how you place light, and or simply a need for sheer power, then studio lighting is the answer. And for many photographers it becomes a tool for technical and creative reasons they can not be without.

During this event we share our many years of experience too show from the absolute basics, how to choose and use studio lighting for simple and repeatable people, product and still-life photography.

We have found this works well as it combines very practical explinitions with image creation as we go.

We look at lighting quality, and how to affect that with easy to repeat lighting arrangements that quickly make photography rewarding and enjoyable.

The characteristics and best use of various attachments such as umbrellas, softboxes and snoot’s are shown in practical use. Alongside is an explain of the principles of metering for studio lighting. Content is based on using initially a single, then up to four studio lights combined. In short, a seminar to take the mystery out of studio flash use, and importantly to significantly shorten that learning curve.

Some key areas covered include:

How a studio flash works.

A practical guide to using studio lighting and the settings that work for different subjects.

A practical guide to using reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other light shaping tools.

How to use a flash meter with studio lighting.

Practical lighting arrangements for repeatable quality.

Solutions to common people and basic product lighting needs.

Camera settings and tools useful in the studio

Creating ‘clean’ white and other backgrounds.

Lighting existing background locations.

Q&A throughout.

Tricks of the trade.

What should I bring?
An appropriate camera and a lens suitable for shooting full length to half length people shots. Storage card capacity 2GB or greater recommended.

What will I get from the Day?
A clear understanding on how to set-up studio lighting properly for numerous types of result.

An understanding of the right accessories to use for want you want, plus the ability to measure light and expose correctly.

Repeatable results for a life time of lighting.

What Lighting Equipment Is Used?
We use whatever brand our partner company likes to supply.

This works well though as the information and techniques are generic, regardless of your choice of equipment.

We find currently that Bowens and Profoto Lighting is supplied most often.

New dates for this course, will be added to this and the news section once they have been agreed with our partner companies.