Of the many brands I have used professionally and come to respect, ProFoto lighting is up there with the best.

Its not for everyones budget normally, but you get as the saying goes…

My experience is of a reliable high performance system, that has made my task easier as a photographer.

h2809_Argb_006_B1_1Announced this afternoon is an exciting development for those photographers who like to use TTL flash control with the Canon or Nikon camera systems.

Now, for the first time making it into the market place, we will have available a TTL compatible 500ws Studio Light called the B1.

Its nice, and anyone who has used the ProFoto D1 range will feel right at home with its controls and concept.

Supplied with a controller unit not dissimilar to those used by the camera manufacturers with channels and groups, this battery powered studio light could well change things for many professionals and advanced enthusiasts.h2881_Argb_001_Airsync

TTL or manual flash control will be available from the B1. And by the end of the year, the product will be shipped with Canon dedication. Nikon users will have to wait till next year.

But it was the battery that impressed me. It really does make for the most portable mains free shooting. Alongside you have wireless control of your off camera B1’s.

So even if you are shooting say social photography professionally, which can benefit from TTL control, you do still have a studio light with optional full manual control now with portability for location shooting.

That alone should have a lot of appeal, not overlooking the significant fact that it piggybacks onto the companies respected and professional selection of Light Shaping tools.

I will say more about the B1 system later, but it seemed with a prototype to work around the TTL concept as you would expect.

End. (06/11/13).