Profoto have today announced with immediate availability the B2 Off Camera Flash Lighting System.

Supplementing the B1 500 Ws studio sized, but cable less and battery powered heads, the new system is smaller, and has its own range of dedicated ‘Light Shaping Tools’.

This extends the ‘Off Camera Flash’ range of products alongside the studio lighting options the company is renowned for.

As a Profoto using photographer for many years (click here), I am delighted to see this arrive.

It is an interesting development and handles nicely once you have had a very short trip around the product.

It is ideal for when you need more power (250 Ws) than Speedlights/Speedlites, but wish to keep portability and better light shaping accessories.

I also liked the fast recycling and 9 f-stop range controlled in 1/10th stops. So the finesse and functionality of studio lighting in that respect.

And, like the B1 options, it is Canon and Nikon TTL compatible, or of course has manual flash control.

Here we go for now with the official press release:


March 2, 2015: Profoto releases a new system of compact off-camera flashes and Light Shaping Tools, designed for fast and easy on-location photography.


Since its release in 2013, the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash has taken the photographic community by storm. Combining the portability and ease-of-use of a speedlight with the performance of a professional monolight, the B1 is considered by many to be a game changer in the industry.

Now Profoto is moving forward by releasing an entire new system of compact off-camera flashes and Light Shaping Tools, designed for fast and easy on-location photography.Profoto-100396-Li-lon-Battery-for-B2-WEB

The most attention-grabbing item in the Off-Camera Flash system is the new B2. The B2 is a lighter, more portable counterpart to the B1. The B2 consists of a battery pack and a head. The battery pack can be put on the shoulder or hip, while the head is small and light enough to be mounted onto a monopod or a bracket on the camera. This will allow the photographer to stay moving. If that is not necessary, both the pack and head can be put on a stand and the B2 can be wirelessly controlled from the camera. This makes the B2 the world’s first off-camera flash that can be used both on and off-camera.

In addition, the B2 has all the benefits that made the B1 an outstanding success. It has TTL. It has HSS. It is fast enough to keep up with your camera and five times as powerful as the average speedlight. It can be used with the entire range of Profoto Light Shaping Tools. All this in a head with the same size and weight as a speedlight.Profoto-901108-B2-Head-angle-lamp-off-WEB


The Profoto Off-Camera Flash system also includes the new OCF Light Shaping Tools. The OCF Light Shaping Tools are smaller and more lightweight. They also consist of fewer parts and use smart, patent- pending solutions that make them fast and easy to mount and use. The assortment includes four new softboxes, a new Grid Kit, a new Snoot and a new Barndoor.