D700 3-4 Right

Image © Nikon Corporation

If you have not yet had a chance to read about my background on this site, it may seem strange on face value that we major on the Nikon brand, third party products for it, and events in large numbers for its users.

That is not completely the case, as we do offer courses for anyone regardless of their camera system of choice, and you will see links to follow for your system and suitable courses.

We have provided upon request either direct or through third party companies, a number of events on for example, various Canon EOS and Olympus ‘E’ products in the last few years. I simply like photography first and foremost, and am flattered that people appreciate my approach regardless of their capture preference. Companies who sends me press releases will get major items mentioned in our regularly updated new section as well.

But I am proud to have worked in the past for the Nikon Corporation as thier ‘Advisor On Photography’ in the UK, and I always have used it as my main system of choice professionally. So it seemed most obvious to start this site based around the Nikon system and its users. Having such an in depth technical understanding of the system, and wide ranging real world use to draw upon after nearly 30 years, I hope qualifies me enough to do so.

We will consider adding to the various sections of this site with more specific support for other system users, but will take time to gain feedback from as many people as we can before making a decision. The other reason we are starting with just one brand to concentrate on, is simply time. All this has to dovetail with my work as a professional photographer, and running that business by definition is sometimes quite time limiting for other things.

End. (20/12/09).