Also introduced by Westcott is the Ice Pack Kit.
Here are the official details:

860483-new-bag-icepackkit-5565The Ice Pack is the essential kit for any Ice Light owner.

The kit includes uniquely moulded and custom designed components to provide photographers more ways to be creative with their Ice Lights.

Utilise the Ice Light Barn Doors to help control and direct the light beam from the Ice Light.860484-icelight-barndoors-5561

The hard plastic Tungsten Gel can be used to colour correct the Ice Light’s current daylight balanced colour temperature.

Use the Ice Light 2-way connector and heavy-duty tilter bracket when you’re looking to mount multiple Ice Lights together or tilt a single Ice Light on a light stand.

Grab the table-top Ice Light Flexible Tripod when you’re in a small space and a normal light stand just won’t fit.

For those photographers who are on the go and need a few minutes of charge time between shoots, the Ice Light Car Charger is a safe & effective way to charge and power the Ice Light.

All of these components will be protected, organised and safely stored in the custom Ice Pack Carry Case.

End. (01/04/14).