Canon have announced yet another sales milestone.  This is an impressive number of lenses now potentially in the market, particularly so as the company made many other lenses before the EF mount was introduced.

Here are the details:

Image © Canon Inc

Image © Canon Inc

Canon celebrates production of 90 million EF lenses

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland 29 May 2013 – Canon today announces the achievement of a new lens manufacturing milestone – the company’s 90-millionth EF-series interchangeable lens. This new milestone follows, just over nine months since Canon announced the production of the 80-millionth lens in August 2012, highlighting the significant demand and continued popularity of the EF lens range.

Over the past 26 years Canon has been at the forefront of the imaging industry, driving demand with cutting-edge innovation. Production of Canon’s signature interchangeable EF lens series began in 1987 at the Utsunomiya Plant, when the series was first introduced together with the EOS SLR camera system. Since then, the global demand for Canon’s EOS products and lenses has continued to gather pace and in 2011 there was only nine months between the increase from 60 to 70 million units manufactured. In order to meet this demand, Canon scaled up its production with facilities across Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

Throughout its history, Canon has continued to drive the imaging industry forward, introducing world firsts[i] such as the Ultrasonic Motor (USM) for use in lenses, Image Stabilizer (IS) technology, a multi-layered diffractive optical (DO) element and Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) anti-reflection technology.

EF lenses – consistent precision, complete versatility

In May of this year, Canon announced the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x, a super telephoto zoom lens which is equipped with a 1.4x internal extender and offers a wide, 200-560 mm zoom range. As a result, Canon’s current EF lens line-up comprises of 80 models[ii] including the EF Cinema Lens series for use in cinema and TV production.

Canon will continue to refine its diverse imaging technologies based on its core optical expertise, striving to produce exceptional and reliable lenses and cameras, whilst expanding the photographic and video imaging culture. Canon’s range caters to the varying needs of photographers – from first-time users, to advanced amateurs and professionals.

EF lens production milestones:

· 1995: Production of EF lenses surpasses 10-million units

· 2001: Production of EF lenses surpasses 20-million units

· 2006: 30-million EF lenses produced

· 2008: 40-million-unit milestone reached in April

· 2009: 50-million units produced

· 2011: 60-million units reached in January

· 2011: 70-million units reached in October

· 2012: 80-million units reached by August

Since production began in 1987, development has expanded to a total of four production facilities: Canon Inc., Sdn. Bhd., Utsunomiya and Oita.

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