Image © Nik Software

As many of you know I like working in monochrome. And while I have used, and continue to use many tools post capture, one of the most significant products in recent years has been I think Nik Software’s Silver Effex Pro.

Either as a stand alone package or a plug-in many have taken to it and I am sure the feedback from customers has been important.

So soon we will have version 2 which will be compatible with versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture.

With new processing algorithms and engine Silver Effex Pro 2 promises to have a solid foundation under the bonnet.

Other new features include ‘Image borders’ a nice looking ‘history’ feature and a fine structure contrast option.

I look forward to trying this new package out, but of course sometimes you look forward to something and can then be underwhelmed. But hopefully not being generation 2.

End. (02/02/11).