Voigtländer is a famous photographic name, with lenses today, made for a variety of formats and cameras.

Canon and Nikon D SLR’s included among them.

There is now a 10% Cashback offer starting, here are the official details:


FLAGHEAD PHOTOGRAPHIC, the exclusive UK distributor for Voigtländer products, is pleased to announce a 10% Cashback Offer on all Voigtländer Lenses!

From the 28th of January to the 30th April 2016 every purchaser of a Voigtländer lens can claim 10% Cash-Back from Flaghead Photographic Ltd.

Voigtlaender lenses group (1024x684)

The offer applies to the following lenses:

Voigtländer M mount, Micro Four Thirds & DSLR (Nikon/Canon) fit

Voigtländer is one of the oldest names in the optics industry, founded in 1756 by Johann C Voigtländer in Vienna, Austria. The company produced the famous Petzval lens, the fastest at the time at F3.7 and in 1841 a metal Daguerrotype camera.  An illustrious heritage indeed!  Today the tradition continues with a large range of classic, metal construction, manual focus lenses for Leica M mount lenses, Micro Four Thirds, DSLR Nikon & Canon and Sony E mount lenses.  In fact by using various adapters many other cameras (Sony E Mount) are capable of using these high quality lenses. The Ultra Fast Nokton lenses (f0.95) are the fastest growing segment for Micro Four Thirds cameras such as Olympus, Panasonic and video cameras from Blackmagic.

To claim the Cashback: Customers simply send a copy of the invoice, with a record of the serial number, of the Voigtländer product to Flaghead Photographic Ltd and a payment will be issued by cheque, PayPal or Bank transfer.Voigtlander_MFT_Lenses_2
Only products purchased from an authorized UK retailer and imported by Flaghead Photographic are eligible. This is a consumer promotion and the cashback amount includes VAT (if applicable).

For more information visit www.flaghead.co.uk

End. (29/01/16).