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Nikon Close-Up Photography Workshop
February 11th 2010
Nikon Uk Ltd Kingston-Upon-Thames
Stages Of Content 1-2

John Clements Close-Up And Macro Photography Workshop (Level 1-2)
Just a reminder that we have our next Close-Up, Macro and Micro photography workshop coming along fast. I have created this workshop for Nikon users based around one of the most fascinating and rewarding, but ultimately challenging areas of photography. During it we take a step-by-step approach from the ground up, for those just starting in this genre, but also as a reminder for the more experienced photographer. From there we move through too some advanced techniques and approaches for producing high quality imagery. While this is largely a stage 1-2 course, we do touch on some level 3 techniques as a consequence.

There will be a wide range of equipment for delegates to use, as the Nikon system is encompassing in its scope when it comes to the components within it for this kind of photography. This gives delegates a chance to have a go at using items they may be considering, without any need or obligation to buy beforehand. The day is designed as a nice mix of theory and easy to follow explanation, plus lots of picture taking in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere.

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